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Ali on the Run Show

Jan 3, 2019

"The glass isn’t half empty. It’s not half full. It’s just refillable." —Meaghan Murphy

Meaghan Murphy just might be the real-life Energizer Bunny. As executive editor at Good Housekeeping, Meaghan has her hands on every page of every issue every month (and fun fact: she gets monthly manicures to match the cover of each issue). Before coming to GH, Meaghan's career in publishing paralleled her life: as a teen, she worked at YM and Teen People. As a single twenty-something living in New York City, she worked at Cosmopolitan. When she started having kids, she spent nearly a decade as fitness director at Self. And now that she and her husband, three kids (ages 8, 6, and 5), and dog (Dempsey, a labradoodle!) have moved to a white-picket-fence house in the New Jersey suburbs, she's at Good Housekeeping. (She's also the Chief Spirit Officer of her town, Westfield — though she'll tell you it's called "Bestfield.")

Meaghan is a giant ball of energy and positivity. (Case in point: She starts every day at exactly 5:03 AM, whens he heads to a workout with her #goodvibetribe.) She's kind, confident, and loves getting older. But Meaghan has been through some stuff. On this episode, she opens up about her battle with and recovery from anorexia. She talks about the challenges of parenting. She gets into what makes a marriage work. And we shed a few tears together when she talks about #operationgoodgrief, and how she healed from her dad's death. You'll finish this episode feeling energized, ready to find the good in every day, and excited to create your own #yaylist.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Meaghan’s secret to staying happy and in love, reflecting on the first 10 years of her marriage (2:30)
  • Meaghan shares her love for New Jersey (5:50)
  • What young Meaghan dreamed about for her future, and how she got started in the publishing industry (6:50)
  • Meaghan on fearlessness (12:00)
  • Meaghan looks back on her publishing career as it paralleled her life (13:45)
  • Meaghan shares how exercise helped her recover from anorexia (19:15)
  • What life is like as executive editor of Good Housekeeping — plus insider intel she’s gleaned on the job, like all about the dirtiest items in our homes! (25:05)
  • Meaghan on motherhood, marriage, and parenting (31:25)
  • Meaghan on confidence (41:30)
  • Meaghan on fitness (46:30)
  • All about #operationgoodgrief (49:30)
  • Meaghan talks about her superpower: her on/off switch (56:10)
  • How to be a fun mom (59:00)

What we mention on this episode:

Rutgers University

A Million Little Pieces

New Jersey Marathon

Home Power Yoga



The Blast

FitMama leggings

POE Yoga

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