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Ali on the Run Show

Jan 10, 2019

"I felt broken. Physically. Emotionally. I had a complete breakdown. I felt like a broken human. I was so tired. Lifeless. And I finally Googled the one thing I hadn't really wanted to Google."

In just a few days, Annie — my spankin' new daughter — will be three months old. That means I will have reached the end of what is commonly referred to as "the fourth trimester." That period postpartum when the baby still thinks its in the womb, and the mom is — I'm not sure what the mom is. But I know that for me, this fourth trimester has been tough. Trying. Exhausting. Emotional. Wonderful, amazing, monumental — but definitely hard. So on this solo episode, I talk about all of it: the pumping, the boob stuff, the expectations, the realities, and the truths. I talk about why I've been living in fear, and open up about what went down over the holidays, and how it ended with me Googling and really looking into postpartum depression. Plus, I talk about having help — thank god for help! — and answer listener questions.

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