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Ali on the Run Show

Jan 24, 2019

“Know your value, and don’t allow other people to limit it, question it, or minimize it.” —Jen Lada

Jen Lada is a reporter and host for ESPN. She's also a mom of two, is married to a fellow sports journalist, and is a multiple-time marathoner and triathlete. On this episode, Jen, who primarily covers college football, talks about how she got into sports journalism, how she got into running, and how she's thrived in a male-dominated industry. She shares her #metoo story, opens up about her two miscarriages, and talks about the challenges of being a working and often-traveling parent.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Did Young Jen dream of being on ESPN? (2:50)
  • How Jen broke into sports journalism, and the unfortunate #metoo moment that started it all (10:10)
  • How Jen met her husband, who is also a sports journalist, and her best advice for surviving a long-distance relationship (24:00)
  • The road to ESPN, the pressure to look a certain way on camera, and returning to work and marathoning after having a baby (31:00)
  • Jen opens up about her two miscarriages, and what it was like being on camera every day during tough times (37:20)
  • What post-game interviews are actually like, plus the biggest rewards and challenges of the job (42:45)
  • Jen shares her running story — and her no-such-thing-as-TMI poop story! (51:40)

What we mention on this episode:

The Assertive Way

Marquette University

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Chicago Marathon

TCS New York City Marathon

New York Road Runners

Team For Kids

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