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Ali on the Run Show

Feb 28, 2019

"I’ve always been about working hard and going after things that you are excited about and passionate about and working your ass off. That’s the only way to make it happen. No one else is going to make it happen for you." —Anna Kaiser

You may know Anna Kaiser as the creator, founder, and CEO of the dance cardio brand AKT. Maybe you've taken — and barely survived — her class, either in person or with AKT On Demand. Or maybe you recognize her from her professional dance days, performing on the Fame tour and dancing in the best movie ever, Enchanted. Or, let's be honest, maybe you know her as Kelly Ripa's workout BFF, or as the woman credited for keeping Shakira in shape. 

On this episode, Anna talks about going from a wannabe opera singer in Zurich to an entrepreneur on the brink of opening 300 studios nationwide. She shares the mistakes, missteps, and challenges she's faced along the way, talks about why she wanted to improve upon the boutique fitness industry, and opens up about how becoming a mom two years ago changed her at home, in the studio, and beyond.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • What were Young Anna’s dreams for the future? (3:00)
  • Anna reflects on her college experience and explains why it wasn’t everything she’d hoped it would be (8:15)
  • Why Anna decided to move on from the dance world (12:00)
  • How AKT was born, and how Anna stood out in the boutique fitness industry (15:00)
  • How Anna became fitness BFFs with Kelly Ripa (21:00)
  • How Anna has cultivated an empowering community (22:50)
  • Why Anna decided to franchise (25:45)
  • How Anna become business savvy, and the bad business decisions she’s made along the way (31:25)
  • Anna’s take on the state of the fitness industry, now and in the future (34:30)
  • Anna opens up about motherhood, including returning to work post-birth, having help, and “balance” (39:45)
  • Does Anna have any insecurities? Plus, what she says she’s proudest of (46:30)

What we mention on this episode:

EDGE Performing Arts Center

AKT On Demand

Xponential Fitness

The Milling Room

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