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Ali on the Run Show

Jul 24, 2019

"When you focus on yourself, you get the best results."

Mirinda "Rinny" Carfrae is a professional triathlete and three-time Ironman World Champion. On this episode, Rinny talks about her road to swim-bike-run domination, and how she went from a scrappy basketball player to the fastest woman in Kona. Rinny — who is from Brisbane, Australia, but now lives and trains in Boulder, CO — is a podium staple at both the Ironman and the Half-Ironman distance. She's also a mom to two-year-old Isabelle, and she's very candid about what it's like deciding to have a baby as a professional athlete. She talks about how her sponsors reacted — and what their support looked like — when she announced her pregnancy, and shares how she managed to train for an Ironman while breastfeeding. She talks about pre-race nerves, whether she'd ever ditch the swim and the bike to race a road marathon, and the time she overcame a 14-minute deficit off the bike to land the win in Kona. And of course, Rinny shares her big goals for 2019.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Rinny recaps her very successful month of 70.3 racing (2:40)
  • Rinny’s road to success, from basketball to Kona domination (8:20)
  • What it was like competing in Kona for the first time (15:45)
  • Why Rinny says having a baby helped her become a better cyclist (23:20)
  • All about Rinny’s at-home “Pain Cave” — including how it helped her breastfeed while training (24:15)
  • On making up time on the run during an Ironman or Half Ironman — including the time Rinny overcame a 14-minute deficit to snag the win in Kona (28:00)
  • What being a triathlete really consists of (36:00)
  • Would Rinny ever ditch the swim and the bike in favor of a road marathon? (40:00)
  • How Rinny ended up in Boulder (42:00)
  • How Rinny met her husband, Tim (45:00)
  • Rinny opens up about her decision to have a baby — plus how her sponsors reacted to the news (52:30)
  • On returning to training and competition after having Isabelle (58:00)

What we mention on this episode:

Siri Lindley


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