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Ali on the Run Show

Dec 4, 2019

"I really hope that people seeing amputees in line at the grocery store don’t think, 'Oh, you poor thing,' they wonder, 'Oh, are you a marathoner?'"

In April 2013, Adrianne Haslet was living her dream as a professional ballroom dancer. On Marathon Monday, she found herself near the Boston Marathon finish line, watching the runners finish the iconic race. But then, so many lives were forever changed that day. When the two bombs went off near the finish, the second blast took Adrianne's foot. On this episode, she recounts that day in Boston, and talks about rebuilding and moving forward. She talks about learning to wear, walk, and run with a prosthetic leg, and beautifully talks about the importance of being defined not as a victim, but as a survivor. Despite being at the center of tragedy that day, Adrianne has become an inspiration — and a Boston Marathoner herself.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • What brought Adrianne to the 2013 Boston Marathon finish line (3:00)
  • What, exactly, she remembers after the blast went off (6:00)
  • How Adrianne’s “rebuilding” process went, and what it was like putting on her prosthetic for the first time (17:30)
  • Adrianne talks about how her relationship with her body has changed since the bombings, and how she became a runner (26:00)
  • Adrianne talks about post-traumatic stress disorder, and how therapy has helped with her recovery (36:15)
  • How Adrianne became a Boston Marathon finisher (40:30)
  • The car accident that thwarted Adrianne’s 2019 Boston Marathon dreams (44:15)
  • Why the 2020 Boston Marathon will be extra special for Adrianne (47:15)

What we mention on this episode:

Heartbreak Hill Running Company

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