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Ali on the Run Show

Mar 23, 2020

"It’s really a lesson in humans and human activity."


Welcome to the On the Job series on the Ali on the Run Show! Every Tuesday for the next seven weeks, we'll meet cool women with interesting, fascinating, unique, badass jobs. They'll talk about how they got into their respective fields, what their jobs entail, why their work matters, and why they've pursued their passions. Plus, they're all runners, so they'll talk about how running fits into their busy lives. First up: Rachel Dewan. Rachel is an archaeologist who spends her summers in Greece, digging for artifacts and studying ancient cultures from 4,000 years ago. (The Minoan culture, specifically.) It's her job to dig up material culture and try to make sense of it all. On this episode, she talks about what, exactly, it means to be an archaeologist (she's not Ross from Friends!), what it's like on a dig, and what being on a dig actually means.


Inspired? Me, too! This November, Rachel will be leading a trip combining both her passions: running and archaeology. This 8-day running tour of Greece (led by Rachel and a fellow archaeologist and art historian) will end with the Athens Marathon. Between runs, you'll explore historic places and great food. Check it out here!


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