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Ali on the Run Show

Sep 27, 2020

“When I ran that 2:32 in January, it really made me realize that ‘dream big’ is not just dream big, it’s dream huge, because you have no idea of what you’re capable of.”


Speedy Beatie is back on the Ali on the Run Show this week! Beatie Deutsch is a 2:32 marathoner and mother of five who made her Ali on the Run Show debut on Episode 158. This time around, we’re catching up with Israel’s National Marathon Champion to find out how she shaved 10 minutes off her marathon time, and to learn more about her calls to the International Olympic Committee to change the date of the 2021 Olympic Marathon so it doesn’t fall on the Sabbath. She offers an update on her goal to represent Israel in the Olympics, and talks about what the pandemic has been like in Israel.


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