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Ali on the Run Show

Oct 5, 2020

"I think everybody needs a good happily ever after."

Welcome to Season 3 of the On the Job series! We're kicking things off this season with some love, lust, and intrigue: with USA Today best-selling romance novelist Kimberly Kincaid! In this conversation, Kimberly offers a peek at what it's like working in the billion-dollar romantic fiction industry. She talks about where she gets her inspiration (beware if you're in line in front of her at Starbucks!), about getting more than 100 rejections on the road to getting published, and about why scripting strong heroines is a must in her novels. And of course, she talks about what it's like writing steamy scenes and scintillating love stories for a living. Kimberly is currently working on her 32nd book.

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