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Ali on the Run Show

Oct 12, 2020

“I am a believer in opportunity.”


It’s been a tough year for so many brands, individuals, and industries, and within the running industry, race companies have been hit particularly hard. On this episode, Michelle La Sala, president and founder of Blistering Pace Race Management, talks about her road to race directing, and explains how the pandemic has affected her business, which specializes in managing large-scale mass participation running events. Michelle’s clients include the New York City Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Big Sur International Marathon, and Napa Valley Marathon. Previously, she was race director for the California International Marathon (CIM) and was the volunteer coordinator for the L.A. Marathon. Michelle, a 31-time marathoner with a 2:59 personal best time, talks about what she’s doing to stay afloat right now, and offers her take on how we can all support our favorite races right now.


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