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Ali on the Run Show

Oct 15, 2020

"I’ve had moments of exhaustion. I’ve had moments of frustration. I’ve had an overhaul across the board, personally and professionally. This year has been a rinse. If I was naming this chapter, it’s ‘Let it burn and reset.’ And instead of fighting all these things that are literally burning or closing down or going away or having an ‘I’m so over this attitude,’ I’ve tried to embrace every letdown, every frustration, everything that’s popped up."


Welcome back to Feel-Good Fridays on the Ali on the Run Show! This time around, we're getting a series of pep talks from the people who are living, breathing pep talks every day of their lives: professional fitness instructors. First up, Bethany Lyons, owner of Lyons Den Power Yoga in New York City and creator of the newly launched Lyons Den Digital platform, talks about how, in spite of what has in many ways been the worst year ever, is thriving. In February, one of Bethany's two studio locations burned down in a fire. In March, she had to close the other location due to the pandemic. Now, in October, both are still closed. Here, Bethany explains how she's pivoted, how she's found the humor in it all, and how she's managed to have a whole lot of fun along the way. She offers advice for staying present, and hands out some tools for how we can all be our best selves today — even if it feels like the world is burning.


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