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Ali on the Run Show

Nov 6, 2020

"Failing is your jumping off point. It’s not the end of the story — it’s the beginning. It’s one chapter in your story, and you have the whole rest of the book to change the outcome."

Bree Koegel is an absolute delight. She's a former professional dancer turned fitness instructor, and is currently a trainer on the FitOn app. (She first appeared on the Ali on the Run Show on Episode 120. Check it out!) On this episode, Bree — a new mom to four-month-old Tuck! — closes out the Feel-Good Fridays series by talking about the importance of finding joy within, and explaining how, exactly, to do that. Plus, she talks about accepting failure and creating a HIIT routine for self-love. (Burpees optional. Modifications highly encouraged!)

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