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Ali on the Run Show

Feb 13, 2021

"Best buds for life."

On the surface, sisters Sarah and Marisa Cummings seem like they could be twins. Both were competitive ice skaters and valedictorians of their respective graduating high school classes. They each went on to attend Princeton University, where they each ran on the cross-country team. Then, though three years apart, they each moved to New York City to pursue jobs in the finance industry and to run for the New York Athletic Club. But to know Sarah and Marisa is to know that they aren't identical, they swear. On this episode, Sarah and Marisa talk about their sisterly bond, and about how they've supported each other over the years.

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Sarah Cummings on Episode 215 of the Ali on the Run Show

Sarah Cummings on Episode 112 of the Ali on the Run Show

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