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Ali on the Run Show

Jun 8, 2021

“I always felt a special thrill with anchoring, but I had zero idea if I was any good at it! But there was potential there.”

Joelle Tomlinson wakes up at 3:02 AM — precisely — every day in pursuit of her dream job as a CTV Calgary morning news host. On this episode, Joelle talks about what it's like anchoring the news, and what her road to the news desk was like. (It involved a stopover as a weather girl!) She busts some common misperceptions about being a face on TV, talks about the pressure to look or dress a certain way, and shares the types of stories she loves covering, the ones that still give her butterflies, and the ones that have had the greatest impact on her. She talks about how she's learned to put her emotions aside when covering difficult stories, and about why, sometimes, it's OK to cry on live TV. Plus, she talks about her morning routine, dealing with criticism from viewers, and all the unseen parts of the job. When Joelle isn't live on televisions across Canada, she's most likely getting sweaty: She's an ultramarathoner and spin instructor who signed up for her next ultra within an hour of us finishing this recording!

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