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Ali on the Run Show

Aug 30, 2021

“I’ve always been my own biggest believer.”

In 2004, Cory McGee's dad was working security for the FBI at the Olympic Games in Athens — which meant Cory got to tag along! It was then that she vowed to one day return to the Olympics — as a competitor. And just a few weeks ago, Cory's dream came true when she got to represent Team USA in Tokyo. (She became an Olympic finalist, no less!) On this episode, Cory, who is sponsored by New Balance, talks about traveling to Japan to compete in the 1500m. She talks about that brutal fall in the semifinals, and about the physical and emotional toll that took on her. She shares how coach Joe Bosshard has helped her over the years, and has worked with her to turn her weaknesses into strengths. Plus, Cory talks about ending her season early on account of some bone bruising from that fall, and talks about hosting a Covid-19 vaccine event back home in Mississippi.


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Cory’s decision to end her season earlier than expected (4:45)
  • On becoming an Olympian (9:00)
  • On performance ruts and getting through them (12:50)
  • Cory looks back on competing at the U.S. Track & Field Trials and earning her spot on Team USA (17:50)
  • What training was like between the Trials and the Olympics (20:00)
  • What makes Cory McGee tick? (22:45)
  • All about the travel journey to Tokyo (27:45)
  • What it was like walking into Olympic Stadium for the first time (38:50)
  • That semi-final fall (43:00)
  • What running the 1500m final was like (51:40)
  • On phone calls back home (54:50)
  • What the Closing Ceremonies and flight home were like (57:10)
  • On hosting a Covid-19 vaccine drive in Mississippi (1:03:00)
  • What’s next for Cory (1:07:15)

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