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Ali on the Run Show

Oct 21, 2021

“I hope that brands see the value in me and my future in running and what I have to offer to the running community.”

On October 11, Nell Rojas ran her fourth marathon. In her Boston Marathon debut, Nell finished sixth overall, ran a personal best time of 2:27, and was the first American woman across the finish line. We heard from Nell before the race, and now she's back to recap every detail of race day. On this episode, Nell shares how she was feeling heading into the race, what race morning was like, and what it was like doing breathing exercises in a church nursery. She reflects on why her goal was to be first American that day, what that goal means to her now, and whether or not it matters. Plus, she shares fun stories from her post-race interviews and talks about what's next.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Was Boston the best day of Nell’s life? (2:45)
  • How Nell spent the day before the race (7:15)
  • On lining up behind Des Linden at the start, and what the pre-race technical meetings are like (10:45)
  • Choosing a race day outfit (15:00)
  • How Nell was feeling on race morning (18:20)
  • Nell’s goals and her plan for race day (23:45)
  • Why Nell’s goal was to be top American at Boston (32:20)
  • How Nell’s race played out (38:25)
  • The finish line experience (48:00)
  • On being unsponsored, and what happens next (50:50)
  • Nell answers a listener question about protein (54:20)
  • What’s next? (57:00)

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