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Ali on the Run Show

Oct 26, 2021

“You have to honor the race by going and trying to do the best you possibly can.”

In December 2019, three men — Menso de JongChris Stehula, and Ken Rakestraw — led 72 women to Olympic Trials qualifying times at the California International Marathon. Soon after, they came on the Ali on the Run Show to share their stories. Before CIM, neither Menso, Chris, nor Ken had ever run 2:45 marathons before. But that day, they pulled it off. And, in the process of doing so, they each earned themselves Boston Marathon qualifying times. So now, Menso, Chris, and Ken are back on the Ali on the Run Show for another race recap episode — but this one is different. This time, the only people they were pacing were themselves, and there were plenty of highs, lows, and backward walks along the way. Enjoy hearing about their race day strategies (most of which did not go according to plan), what the rolling start in Boston was really like, and what lessons they learned on the course that day.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How everyone’s feeling after Boston (6:45)
  • The desire to run Boston (10:30)
  • What training for Boston looked like (13:30)
  • Everyone’s plans for Boston (26:45)
  • What the start was like (37:00)
  • How the race broke down for everyone (44:15)
  • Highs and lows from the day (52:25)

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