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Ali on the Run Show

Dec 21, 2021

“That seems to have diminished quite a bit since having a baby. The outcomes really don’t matter. It’s just so much more about who I’m becoming as I’m trying to reach these goals. It’s so cliché, right — the journey. But it really is true. The journey and who you’re becoming are just so much more important.”

Last year, Makenna Myler went viral when she ran a mile in five minutes and 25 seconds — at nine months pregnant. On this episode, Makenna talks about that day, and about the bet she had with her husband that motivated the run. She also talks about the aftermath of going viral, and the criticism she received just days before going into labor. Today, Makenna is mom to one-year-old Kenny Lou, and she's had a strong comeback on the run. She qualified for the Olympic Track & Field Trials in the 10K, competed at the Trials and finished 14th (her goal was to finish in the top 15!), won the Deseret News Half Marathon (and set a course record in the process), and signed a professional contract with Asics. Most recently, Makenna ran the TCS New York City Marathon — and she's hungry for more. Plus, Makenna talks about her expectations about running and motherhood, and shares what the reality has been like for her.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • When Makenna gets out for her runs (5:50)
  • Makenna’s tradition of racing a mile at important times in her life (7:10)
  • The dare, the mile, and the aftermath (10:00)
  • On the decision to have children when you are a professional athlete (21:00)
  • Makenna’s expectations about running and motherhood, and how the reality compares (26:30)
  • Makenna’s quest to qualify for the Olympic Track & Field Trials, and what it was like competing at the Trials (29:30)
  • On signing with Asics (40:30)
  • Makenna’s experience at this year’s New York City Marathon (48:00)
  • What’s on Makenna’s mind now (56:30)

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