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Ali on the Run Show

Jan 25, 2022

“Celebrating victories big or small — that’s definitely how I choose to live life now.”

The "great time to be a 30-something mom on the run" celebrations continue today on the Ali on the Run Show. Sara Vaughn is a full-time realtor and mom of four who just made — and won — her marathon debut at CIM and, within hours of crossing the finish line, was on the phone about to sign her first professional running contract with Puma. Sara has been competitive on the track for a long time, having great success particularly in the 1500m and the steeplechase. But last year, she got the itch to go long, and decided to give the marathon a try. Now, at 35, she's a fully-sponsored professional runner for the first time. On this episode, Sara talks about what life is like now with her new Puma deal, and explains how that deal came together. She talks about motherhood, identity, and whether always being pegged as a mom-on-the-run has helped or hurt her career. Plus, her spring 2022 racing plans, her decision to prioritize her mental health, and so much more.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • On being a mom on the run right now, and Sara’s take on being defined as a mom (4:00)
  • On celebrating the big and little wins, and how Sara does that (13:00)
  • What a day in the life is like for Sara (15:50)
  • Reflecting on the fires in the Boulder area, and what things are like there now (18:45)
  • All about that post-CIM phone call with Puma (21:45)
  • The pre-marathon questions that Sara asked friend Amy Cragg (26:30)
  • On signing with Puma! (30:00)
  • Sara’s expectations for her debut marathon, and how the reality compared (39:00)
  • Sara’s approach to training for the 2022 Boston Marathon (48:00)
  • What’s next for Sara? (52:45)

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