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Ali on the Run Show

Apr 22, 2022

"When our smartphones are at 10 percent, we panic. We freak out… When our bodies are running on 10 percent, when our headspace is running on 10 percent, why don’t we have that same sense of urgency to look for an outlet, to recharge? We keep going. We allow ourselves to fully deplete before we ask to borrow a charger."

Peloton instructor — and newly published author — Tunde Oyeneyin returns to the Ali on the Run Show today. In this conversation, Tunde reflects on how her life has changed since she was last on the show in December 2020. Her Peloton classes are now taken by hundreds of thousands of people. She has amassed more than 520,000 followers on Instagram. She's the face of Revlon, and the host of the Fitness Flipped podcast. And her first book, Speak, comes out next month. Today, Tunde talks about her running journey: why she runs, when she craves a run, and what keeps her running. Plus, she offers advice on boundary setting, saying no ("Every time I say no to someone, I feel myself getting my power back"), getting unstuck, and so much more.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Tunde Oyeneyin, podcast host! (3:55)
  • What mental wellness means to Tunde, and how she has learned to say no and set boundaries (8:30)
  • Tunde’s running journey (18:50)
  • The downsides to all the good stuff (27:30)
  • All about Tunde’s new book, Speak (32:00)
  • Tunde’s advice for how to find your voice (40:00)
  • How to get un-stuck, and how to figure out what’s next (43:50)
  • How Tunde recharges (53:00)

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