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Ali on the Run Show

May 13, 2022

"Let’s just go out with a bang."

Steph Bruce finished 12th at this year's Boston Marathon. The professional runner for HOKA NAZ Elite ran a 2:28, and while it wasn't her fastest time at the 26.2-mile distance, Steph says Boston 2022 ranks up there as one of her best and favorite marathons. And this year's race was unique for Steph: It's her last year competing as a professional athlete. Last year, Steph was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition, and that discovery forced her to start making some tough choices. She decided that 2022 would be her last year running professionally — and that she would go out with a celebration. Steph is calling this year her "Grit Finale," and she's taking fans along for the ride. (Check out her Boston recap on YouTube here.) In this conversation, Steph talks all about that life-changing diagnosis, about her Boston training, about race day, and about her thoughts on life after professional running. As always, an open, honest, candid conversation with one of the sport's most-loved athletes.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Steph is feeling post-Boston (4:00)
  • All about “The Grit Finale,” and the life-changing diagnosis that led to Steph’s last professional year on the run (6:20)
  • What Steph needed to include in her last year of racing (17:30)
  • How Steph was feeling heading into her last Boston Marathon (20:40)
  • Steph recaps her Boston training, and why (and how!) she makes racing a family affair (23:55)
  • Steph’s feelings of imposter syndrome early in her career, and how she feels now (29:00)
  • Steph’s story from the church (31:25)
  • How Steph was feeling on the start line, and how the race played out (33:00)
  • Making the move at mile 22 (46:00)
  • The Grit Finale finale (50:45)
  • Steph’s thoughts on her legacy (55:00)

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