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Ali on the Run Show

Dec 22, 2017

I’m fresh off a life-changing trip to California, where I spent a week road tripping from San Francisco to Los Angeles — alone. I learned a lot about myself on this trip. My only goal was to surround myself with beautiful things. I went in with no expectations and an open mind, and by the time I flew back home, I felt lighter, happier, and more fulfilled than I have in years — or maybe ever. So on this special bonus episode, we’re flipping the script: This time, I’m in the hot seat, and my husband Brian is taking over the hosting duties. He asks all the hard, insightful, let’s-really-get-into-it questions (including why I really booked this trip, why I never give myself credit for my successes, and why I often say no to things without considering the potential amazing outcomes), and I enjoyed digging a little deeper into my feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and dreams. Enjoy! Stuff We Mention on this Episode: CAli on the Run: My 7-Day Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip Itinerary: “Making It Count”: Brian on Episode 2 of the Ali on the Run Show: Brian on Episode 17 of the Ali on the Run Show: Brian on Episode 47 of the Ali on the Run Show: Westin St. Francis San Francisco: Chris Heuisler on Episode 6 of the Ali on the Run Show: Bike ride to Sausalito: Andrea Barber on Episode 45 of the Ali on the Run Show: Golden Gate Park: Ali’s Half Marathon PR Recap: Erica Sara Designs: Natural Bridges State Beach: Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa: The Madonna Inn: Cerro San Luis Trail: Meet Brian: Follow Brian: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Growing BOLD: BOLD Worldwide: Follow Ali: Instagram: Twitter: Blog: Strava: Thank you for listening to and supporting the Ali on the Run Show! If you’re enjoying the show, please subscribe and leave a rating and review on iTunes. Spread the run love!