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Ali on the Run Show

Jun 23, 2022

"When I’m happy and feel safe and I’m energized by the people and things around me, that’s when I’m going to run the best."

Nikki Hiltz returns to the Ali on the Run Show for the fifth time — with some big news! Nikki is a professional middle-distance runner who is here to talk all about their new sponsor (it's lululemon!), their new coach (Mike Smith!), their new training partners (Rachel Schneider Smith!), their recent move to Flagstaff, and the first-ever in-person Pride 5K (it's happening IRL in Flagstaff in October!). Nikki and I recorded this conversation just a few days after they ran at the Trials of Miles Track Night NYC. That night, Nikki ran a personal best in the 800m, and returned to the track 50 minutes later to finish second in the 1500m. This week, Nikki will be competing at the USATF Outdoor Championships in Eugene, OR.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • On being a 1500m specialist (3:30)
  • Why Nikki decided to open their season at Trials of Miles in NYC (3:30)
  • “The Nikki Kick” (10:20)
  • Nikki’s new sponsor! (13:45)
  • All about this year’s Pride 5K (20:45)
  • Nikki’s decision to move to Flagstaff and train with Mike Smith (26:20)
  • What Nikki’s training has been like recently (32:20)
  • Nikki’s upcoming racing plans (36:00)
  • Why selling T-shirts resurrected Nikki’s hope in this sport (42:00)
  • What Nikki has learned about authenticity and vulnerability (46:30)

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Trials of Miles Track Night NYC

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