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Ali on the Run Show

Aug 5, 2022

"These people are out on the track, by themselves, just with their own body and their own mind. It’s really cool to watch. It’s cool to watch humans push themselves like that. And I want everyone else to be as excited about it as I am."

Michelle Wolf is a stand-up comic, an ultra runner, and a massive fan of track and field. So it makes perfect sense that she was at World Athletics Championships in Eugene, OR, last month! In this conversation, Michelle talks about how she ended up in Eugene, working with the Hayward Magic team on an Instagram series called "Loosen Up with Michelle Wolf." (Fun fact: She got the job, in part, after her appearance on the Ali on the Run Show last year!) She talks about interviewing athletes including Athing Mu, Ryan Crouser, Grant Fisher, and Marvin Bracy-Williams, and shares the highs and lows of her time at Hayward Field.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • What Michelle has been up to since World Championships (2:30)
  • How Michelle got to go to World Championships (5:50)
  • What Emily’s shows in Portland were like leading up to World Championships (11:30)
  • All about “Loosen Up with Michelle Wolf” (20:10)
  • On balancing work and running (22:50)
  • Michelle’s experience interviewing Athing Mu (28:45)
  • Behind-the-scenes stories from Eugene (34:45)
  • Michelle’s highest and lowest points from being at World Championships (45:15)

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