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Ali on the Run Show

Sep 16, 2022

"I’ve worked really hard and I’ve put a lot out there, and it’s been really good to the point that it terrifies me."

Welcome to Ask Ali, a twice-a-month series where I answer all of your questions. This time around, I’m flying through 29 listener questions, sent in via Instagram Stories (I’m @aliontherun1), about my current goals and dreams, the New York City Marathon (lots of questions about the New York City Marathon!), the song that always makes me cry (and I cry just talking about it!), the lessons I've learned from my best and worst races, and so much more.


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You asked:

  • How are you doing? (3:30)
  • What is one thing you would like to do before the end of the year? (6:35)
  • What are you most excited for at the New York City Marathon? (9:00)
  • What is your favorite song you ever danced to? (11:25)
  • Can you give us any hints for the NYC Marathon live shows? (13:20)
  • Team Edward or Jacob? (14:35)
  • First-time marathon advice (14:55)
  • Can you please share the reason for using “and” but never “but?” (17:00)
  • What song always makes you cry? (18:55)
  • Your favorite pre-run fuel (20:05)
  • Biggest advice for balancing entrepreneurship and parenting (20:15)
  • Boston or New York City? (22:05)
  • Have you ever had a guest on the podcast that you were fangirl-nervous to speak to? (23:10)
  • Do you know when you are announcing at the New York City Marathon? (27:30)
  • What was your favorite place to write for when you were in the thick of freelancing? (28:40)
  • If you had to host a podcast about something other than running, what would it be? (32:30)
  • What do you think is overrated in the running world? And what is underrated? (34:35)
  • What did you worst race teach you? What did your best race teach you? (38:10)
  • What have been your takeaways from therapy? (42:45)
  • What do female friendships look like these days? (43:10)
  • What are your PRs? (45:45)
  • What’s your bedtime / morning routine? (48:35)
  • Best souvenir to buy at the New York City Marathon? (49:50)
  • Taco night or pizza night? Favorite season? If you had to change your first name, what would you pick? (50:45)
  • Which pro runner would you most want to have at your Thanksgiving? (52:00)
  • The episode with Emily Durgin, you asked about her shoes. Was that agreed to per her sponsor? (52:35)
  • What is your favorite bagel flavor? (53:30)

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