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Ali on the Run Show

Nov 17, 2022

"I feel like I am peaking. This feels like it’s as good as it gets!"

New York City is back, baby! (I must have said that 300 times over the course of the week!) For the first time since 2019, the TCS New York City Marathon returned in full force: 50,000 runners, five boroughs, hundreds of thousands of spectators, and an oh-so-humid day that no one will soon forget. In this episode, I recap my entire week in New York City in great detail. The live shows (all three of them!), announcing the Run with Champions youth race, running the Dash to the Finish 5K (no PR this year, but I really did try!), and of course, being one of the finish line announcers on marathon day. My favorite week of the year!


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