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Ali on the Run Show

Dec 16, 2022

"The biggest takeaway is that I’m having fun. That is a huge thing! I forgot what it was like to just have fun with it and be playful and enjoy the ride."

Maegan Krifchin, a professional runner for Atlanta Track Club Elite, had a big goal for this fall: run a personal best at the TCS New York City Marathon. She put all of her running eggs in that basket, training hard with that NYCM plan in mind. But come race day, things didn't go as planned at all. Maegan ran a 2:40:52, which was well off her goal time. She wasn't just unsatisfied — she wanted more, and she wanted it immediately. And so, Maegan decided to run the Philadelphia Marathon, just two weeks later. This time, things went much better. She ran 2:31:41, finishing in second place. Still, though, Maegan wanted more. And so, two weeks after that, she decided to head west in pursuit of a personal best. This time, Maegan lined up at the California International Marathon, where she got her day: She ran 2:29:21. A personal best. In this conversation, Maegan talks about how she managed to run three fall marathons without getting injured, and how she got faster each time. Plus, how she has stayed mentally sharp and strong, and her advice for staying in the race when the running gets tough.

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