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Ali on the Run Show

Jan 24, 2023

"I got to the top and I was like, 'Wow.' Like so proud of myself. I have no idea how much I weigh relative to then. I do not care to see the difference in a photo between what I look like then and what I look like now. All I know is that I’m so happy with myself, I’m so proud of myself, and I feel so strong."

Camila Ramón started running in elementary school. Not because she loved it. Not because it made her feel good. Not because she was on the track or cross-country teams. Camila started running at a young age because she thought she needed to lose weight. In this conversation, Camila talks about the pressure she felt and the comments she received about her body while growing up in Argentina, and later in Miami. She talks about how, as an adult and professional dancer, she rediscovered running, and this time it stuck. She found a community of like-minded runners, she started trail running in L.A., and she completed her first marathon (and earned a Boston Marathon qualifying time, which meant she then ran the 2019 Boston Marathon as her second marathon). Today, Camila is best known as a Peloton instructor, where she teaches cycling and tread classes in both English and Spanish. (Her playlists will have you dancing, guaranteed.) She's open, honest, and always vulnerable when talking about her complicated history with running and with her body (her "Biscayne Bridge story" is likely to resonate), and above all, she wants runners to know that, just by showing up, "You are enough."


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • What’s making Camila happy today? (2:15)
  • On teaching in both English and Spanish (3:10)
  • Did Camila ever envision this future for herself? (7:30)
  • All about Camila’s childhood growing up in Argentina, and then Miami (10:30)
  • How to prepare for fame (14:30)
  • How Camila found running (16:20)
  • Camila reflects on her first marathon — and her second! (22:00)
  • What Camila’s relationship with running is like now (28:25)
  • Camila’s “Biscayne Bridge” story, and how her relationship with running and with her body has evolved over the years (35:15)
  • The messages Camila wants everyone to take away from her classes (43:45)
  • Camila shares her most memorable running experience (48:55)

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