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Ali on the Run Show

Feb 9, 2023

"I have this memory of someone saying to me, 'Oh you’re a runner.' And I was like, 'Oh, I’m not a runner!' 'But you run a lot!' 'Oh! Yeah! I guess I am a runner. I guess that has happened! That’s a part of who I am!'"

She's a two-time marathoner. A mom of three. A humanitarian and global health advocate. An author. A New Yorker. And she's a former First Daughter of the United States of America. Chelsea Clinton is here! Today on the Ali on the Run Show, Chelsea shares the story of how — and why — she started running. She talks about what she thought of her dad's running habit during their time in the White House, when he would famously go for runs accompanied by the Secret Service. She talks about becoming a runner while attending Stanford University, and about her relationship with the word "runner." And she talks about becoming a marathoner at the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon, including what her training was like (she used a training plan she found online!), how she felt about those weekend long runs, and what happened when she fell off a treadmill six weeks before race day. Plus, why she wanted to do it all over again (her second and most recent marathon was the 2022 New York City Marathon), her most memorable race-day moments, and what's next on the run.


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