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Ali on the Run Show

Apr 21, 2023

"Do the damn thing."

Emma Bates! All eyes were on professional runner Emma Bates throughout Monday's Boston Marathon. In a shock to some, Emma found herself leading the race for many of the middle miles, including up the infamous Newton hills. But Emma? And her coach, Joe Bosshard? Not shocked. Emma ended up finishing fifth, as the top American woman, and with a personal best time of 2:22:10. In this conversation, Emma talks about her fitness and her confidence heading into the 2023 Boston Marathon, including the pre-race conversation she had with Joe where he told her she was in American Record shape. She talks about her all-too-relatable pre-race breakdown and how she dealt with it, and about what it was like leading the deepest professional women's field in Boston Marathon history. Plus, how she celebrated, how she's feeling now, and what's next.

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