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Ali on the Run Show

Apr 27, 2023

"We learned from other mentors. We both believe wholeheartedly that it’s a responsibility to then mentor other people and be transparent."

Fact: Only 1% of creative agencies are owned by women. Photographer Aisha McAdams (@ai.shoots) and graphic designer Katherine Burgess (@katherine_kart) are here to up that number. They are the founders of Rhoam Creative Studio, a creative design and production studio for sports and lifestyle brands. They have worked with brands including Puma, Tracksmith, Bandit Running, On Running, Maurten, Strava, Brooks, Hoka, Ciele, and more. They are passionate, they are talented, and they are here to help brands share their stories while also helping elevate women in the space.


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Katherine and Aisha met (13:40)
  • On being female creatives in a male-dominated industry (18:40)
  • All about Katherine’s “women are missing from sports coverage” project (26:30)
  • The decision to launch Rhoam Creative Studio (35:40)
  • On being part of the 1% (41:20)
  • Aisha and Katherine share their highlight — and lowlight — reels (45:00)
  • What it’s like working with Aisha and Katherine (55:25)
  • Aisha and Katherine share their dream clients, their big goals, and their greatest wishes (1:00:30)

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