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Ali on the Run Show

Oct 19, 2023

"This is just fun to me. We put so much pressure on the outcome of these races. We want to prove ourselves, prove we can run a certain time, and I understand all those feelings. But I just think if you truly love running and love to train, the goal race is a celebration of that."

Everyone's favorite graham cracker-loving sports dietitian returns to the Ali on the Run Show today — this time, as a 2:49 marathoner! In this conversation, Meghann Featherstun, owner of Featherstone Nutrition, talks about running a personal best at the Berlin Marathon, just days after her 40th birthday. She talks about the big feelings she was feeling around that 40th birthday, about her approach to training and racing (she's coached by former Ali on the Run Show guest Meaghan Murray), and about "giving it everything she has and hoping it's enough." (Check out Meghann's previous episodes here and here.)


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • “My marathon time is the least interesting thing about me” — Is that still true? (2:25)
  • Was Berlin a dream day? (3:55)
  • Meghann’s advice for dealing with a mid-race side stitch or cramp (6:50)
  • What did it take to become a 2:49 marathoner? (9:30)
  • How Meghann was feeling heading into race day (17:50)
  • Meghann’s tips for how to enjoy traveling for a marathon and run your best race (21:35)
  • On turning 40 (23:55)
  • How Meghann was feeling on race morning (28:00)
  • Meghann recaps her race at the 2023 Berlin Marathon (35:30)
  • Meghann’s approach to running a sub-2:50 marathon (45:50)
  • Is running easier for faster people? (49:55)
  • How Meghann celebrated her new PR (52:00)
  • Meghann recaps her trip to Chicago (55:45)
  • Meghann’s goals for the 2023 New York City Marathon (58:30)
  • What one thing can runners add to their lives to have the greatest impact on their running? (1:02:30)

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