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Ali on the Run Show

Dec 26, 2023

"I felt like I was constantly treading water and barely staying afloat. It felt like I was stuck, as everything else just raged on. Time doesn’t stop and the world doesn’t stop. Everything doesn’t stop just because you’re having a hard time. There were days where I’d be at the grocery store, standing in line, and I wanted to scream, 'Don’t you all know that I have cancer? Don’t you know this is the hardest day of my life, and it’s a normal day in your life?' It’s the ultimate reminder that you never know what someone’s going through. So be kind."

At long last: the big, long, TMI-filled cancer episode. After being diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, I've wanted to do regular check-ins on the podcast, but it's been a little daunting. One day last week, I finally felt up for chatting a bit. So in this episode, I'm talking about what life has looked like on the health front over the past seven months. I walk through my timeline from first lump (April 27) to mammogram and ultrasound (May 12) to biopsy (May 16) to diagnosis (May 19), followed by surgeries (double mastectomy July 3, reconstruction surgery August 30), chemotherapy (September 26, October 17, November 7, and November 27), and "now what?" Plus, answering listener questions and offering thoughts on how to support a loved one going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • “Notecard thoughts” from the past few months, including Annie as my anchor, and ruminations on being called a “fighter” and “warrior” (2:40)
  • My timeline: from first lump to diagnosis, surgeries, chemotherapy, and beyond (12:10)
  • On the treatment front: Now what? (1:01:00)
  • Answering listener questions about all things cancer (1:08:50)


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