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Ali on the Run Show

Jul 11, 2018

You have to be OK with hearing no, but also not letting that be the last thing that you hear.’” — Tim Murphy

Tim and Jessica Murphy are the husband-and-wife team behind BibRave — the Yelp for running races. They’re the ultimate industry insiders, and on this episode, they share their journey to becoming entrepreneurs (before going all-in on BibRave, Jessica worked at LinkedIn, Nike, and Runner’s World, and Tim worked just about everywhere, doing a little of everything), and the challenges they’ve faced along the way. They open up about the moments — and emails! — that made them question what they were doing, and ultimately share what has made BibRave so successful. Plus, Tim (an ultra runner) and Jessica (a 20-time marathoner) talk about what they’ve learned from the BibRave community, and what people really love and really hate about races. This is a must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone who has thought about going into business with a significant other.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Tim and Jessica share how they came up with the idea for BibRave, and when they realized it could be a viable business (5:00)
  • What Tim and Jessica were doing before they became entrepreneurs, and how their careers prepared them to make them jump (11:45)
  • Who’s the boss at BibRave? (18:20)
  • How Tim and Jessica actually grew BibRave into a business, and the moments that made them question what they were doing (19:45)
  • How Tim and Jessica let rejection and tough phone calls roll off their backs (24:30)
  • What Tim and Jessica fight about, and whether they get sick of each other (26:00)
  • What Tim and Jessica spend most of their time worrying about, and what’s next for their business (41:15)
  • What Tim and Jessica say people love — and loathe — most about races (51:20)
  • Tim and Jessica share their best advice for couples who choose to become business partners (57:40)

What we mention on this episode:


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