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Ali on the Run Show

Sep 25, 2019

"One run or two runs, or even a handful of runs, in the grand scheme of things isn’t really going to make that much of a difference. So I try not to get too stressed out about it."

You may know Megan Harrington (formerly Kretz) as one of the OG running bloggers: She is the woman behind the popular "Runner's Kitchen"...

Sep 23, 2019

"The marathon is a metaphor for life. It’s about patience, and you get out of it what you put in it."

This is a very special episode of the You Can Run a Marathon series, because it was recorded live in front of a fantastic audience at Finish Line Physical Therapy in New York City. Meb Keflezighi is the only person to...

Sep 18, 2019

"If you are sitting on an idea, a dream, a plan, the longer you wait to execute on it, the sooner someone else will. So stop waiting, stop procrastinating. Do as I say, not as I’ve done!"

It's solo episode time! On this episode, I'm talking all about what goes on behind the scenes of the Ali on the Run Show, answering...

Sep 16, 2019

At about mile 9, I was in the porta-potty, wishing and praying that somebody would pick it up. I was like, ‘If I stay here long enough, somebody will pick up the porta-potty. I just want to disappear in here.’ That’s how terrible I felt.""

At 41 years old, Dawn Grunnagle is proof that you can, in fact, keep...

Sep 11, 2019

"We decided, 'OK, I’m gonna run in the Trials and then we’ll hopefully get pregnant right away, and then I’ll maybe even be able to run a fall marathon the next year!' And…it didn’t happen like that."

You probably know Amanda Nurse by her Instagram moniker: Amanda Runs Boston. And she sure does. Amanda is a...