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Ali on the Run Show

May 27, 2021

“You give yourself your own life raft, and it feels so great to come up for air and think, jeez, that was a close call! But I’m here. And it’s given me strength to go further and deeper than that next time.”

Becs Gentry is a Peloton Tread and Strength instructor, and in March, she added another very...

May 21, 2021

"You don’t know everything. I share a lot, and that still is only a fraction of my life, of my thoughts, of my opinions, of my day."

Welcome to Ask Ali, a twice-a-month series where I answer all of your questions. This time around, we’ve got listener questions about the mental component of Crohn's disease, my

May 20, 2021

“I’m the quarterback of my life. All these different people play supporting roles, and I need all of them for sure. You can’t be a team with only a quarterback. But I get to be the one in charge, making the plays. And that feels super empowering and very exciting.”

Colleen Quigley is arguably one of the most...

May 19, 2021

“I really threw myself into everything that made me uncomfortable.”

Happy Bonus Episode Day! Cara Enright is someone I've wanted to have on the show for a long time, and I couldn't decide whether to include her in the Everyday Runner series (a runner with a full-time job and lots of hobbies!) or to share her...

May 18, 2021

“I’m very proud that I have managed to, in less than a year, do four half marathons. It’s not something I ever could have dreamed of doing. And I’m just proud I have really stuck it out. Because it’s hard. It’s not easy to try to work yourself back from a poor health standard, or to bring yourself out of...