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Ali on the Run Show

Oct 24, 2018

"I hope I’m always willing to be wrong, willing to learn, and able to get better." —Lauren Fleshman

Lauren Fleshman is many things: She's a retired professional runner, a coach, the co-founder of Picky Bars, the co-creator of the Believe training journals, the creator of the Wilder retreat, one of the faces of Oiselle, a vocal USA Track & Field board member, a co-host of the Work, Play, Love podcast, wife to professional triathlete, and mom to Jude and Zadie. Phew! On this episode, Lauren talks about all of it, including her journey to becoming an entrepreneur, her honest thoughts on body image, and the real effect having kids had on her marriage. This is a fun, no-holds-barred conversation with one of the leading voices in the running industry.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • What takes up the majority of Lauren’s time right now (2:00)
  • How Lauren became a professional runner (3:35)
  • Lauren reflects on her favorite race distance and her decision to stop competing professionally (10:00)
  • How having children affected Lauren’s career, and what running was like for her during and after pregnancy, plus how becoming a mom changed her as an athlete (13:00)
  • Whether Lauren has always been confident speaking up and using her voice, and how she developed that confidence (23:00)
  • Lauren talks about what she sees as the biggest problems facing professional runners right now, and what makes her want to speak up the loudest (28:45)
  • What Lauren would tell a 16-year-old runner who wants to go pro (33:30)
  • How Lauren became an entrepreneur, and the evolution of Picky Bars (36:00)
  • How Lauren got involved with Oiselle, what her role is with the company now, and where she sees the company going (43:20)
  • How Lauren met her now-husband, Jesse Thomas, and what their relationship is really like — plus the struggles they’ve faced together since having kids (52:30)
  • What Lauren’s relationship with her body is like right now, and what she wants more people to feel about their own bodies (1:03.15)

What we mention on this episode:

Picky Bars


Believe Training Journals

Wilder Retreat

Work, Play, Love podcast

"10 Reasons the 5K is Freaking Awesome" via Runner’s World

Sally Bergesen

"Welcome to the New School" via Oiselle

"Dear Younger Me" by Lauren Fleshman

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