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Ali on the Run Show

Jun 17, 2019

"I wish I knew that it was normal to feel this way." —Jill Koziol

When Jill Koziol and Liz Tenety were new moms, they felt alone, terrified, and overwhelmed by this new adventure. Five — soon to be six — kids later (two for Jill, three with a fourth on the way for Liz), and Liz and Jill are the co-founders of Motherly, a website, community, and brand for moms in all stages of parenthood. With Jill as CEO, Liz as Chief Digital Officer, and a work-from-home team of 40 spread across the United States, Motherly sees more than 20 million monthly views, and is home to an active, engaged community. On this episode, Jill and Liz reflect on what new motherhood looked like for them, what it means to be motherly, and what they found in their second annual "State of Motherhood" survey.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • Getting to know Jill and Liz (3:00)
  • Why Motherly needed to exist (11:30)
  • What were Jill and Liz like as new moms? (21:30)
  • A look at the State of Motherhood survey — what were the surprises and validations? (24:30)
  • “New-parent relationship tension stuff” (30:00)
  • Why 85 percent of millennial moms don’t feel understood or supported by society — and what we can do with that information (45:00)

What we mention on this episode:

This is Motherhood

State of Motherhood survey

Whitney Port on The Motherly Podcast

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