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Ali on the Run Show

Jul 17, 2019

"I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and discovered this tremendous strength that I had. It made me realize that so many of us have amazing gifts within us, but we’re sometimes scared to take that leap — so we don’t even realize what we’re capable of." —Beatie Deutsch

Beatie Deutsch is a 29-year-old Orthodox Jewish mom of five living in Israel, by way of New Jersey. And she's earned the nickname "Speedy Beatie" for a reason: Despite only picking up running a few years ago, Beatie runs a 2:42 marathon and a 1:17 half marathon. On this episode, she talks about what it's like being the National Marathon Champion of Israel, and breaks down her monumental Tiberias Marathon win, where she not only ran a 2:42, she ran a 27-minute personal best time in the process, negative splitting the race by six minutes. She talks about being an Orthodox Jewish woman and runner in 2019, explaining her race attire (she runs with her elbows, knees, and hair covered), her values, and what it's like looking different from other women on the starting line. Beatie is sponsored by Nike, and her current goal is to qualify to represent Israel in the 2020 Olympic Games in the marathon.

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • How Beatie became “Speedy Beatie” (3:25)
  • On winning the Tiberias Marathon and running a 27-minute marathon PR in the process (4:15)
  • How Beatie became a runner (12:00)
  • How Beatie went from a 3:25 marathon to a 2:42 (22:00)
  • What it’s like to be an Orthodox Jewish runner in 2019 (29:00)
  • What it means to be sponsored by Nike (38:00)
  • Busting common misconceptions about the Orthodox Jewish community (40:20)
  • Beatie’s message to runners who think they don’t look like everyone else (46:00)

What we mention on this episode:

Tiberias Marathon

Jerusalem Marathon

Nike Vaporfly 4%

Hamburg Half Marathon

Free Solo

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