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Ali on the Run Show

Jul 26, 2021

“I was just so excited. I knew at that moment that it was going to change my life.”


Last year, Dinée Dorame, a citizen of the Navajo Nation, made her podcast debut as a guest on the Ali on the Run Show. Today: She's a podcast host of her own! At the beginning of 2021, Dinée launched her show, the Grounded podcast, which explores the intersection of running, community, land, and culture. On this episode, Dinée reflects on how the show has changed her life, and how she has found her voice and interview style along the way. She talks about being a recipient of the first-ever Tracksmith Fellowship program, and about being seen in the running community for all that she is, and not as simply "the Native runner." Plus, Dinée offers an update about how her own running is going, and the latest developments in her Accessory Navicular Syndrome. And she shares stories about interviewing some of her first guests on the Grounded podcast, including the legendary Billy Mills, Jordan Marie Daniel, and Meb Keflezighi (who surprisingly FaceTimed Dinée — who was in her pajamas — before their interview).


THE LAST TIME DINEE WAS ON THE SHOW: Dinée Dorame on Episode 239 of the Ali on the Run Show


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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • What made Dinée want to start a podcast (5:40)
  • How podcasting has changed Dinée’s life (12:55)
  • Dinée’s dream guests (17:15)
  • All about the time Meb FaceTimed Dinée — by surprise! (20:30)
  • How Dinée has found her interview style, and what her preparation process is like (26:00)
  • On working with mentor Mario Fraioli (31:45)
  • How Dinée hopes people feel when they listen to her podcast (49:20)
  • On being injured (51:00)
  • What has surprised Dinée most about launching a podcast (58:45)
  • On getting engaged and wedding planning (1:00:30)


What we mention on this episode:

Mario Fraioli on Episode 266 of the Ali on the Run Show

Apply for the Tracksmith Fellowship program

Dinée on Episode 145 of The Morning Shakeout podcast

IVL Collective

@gaithappens on Instagram


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