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Ali on the Run Show

Nov 30, 2021

“I just had to keep moving forward… I never let myself stop and wallow in it, because I was afraid that if I did, I’d never stop. I just had to keep going. So I did.”

Lara Kondor is — and always has been — tough. She's a 46-year-old ultra-running mom of three who lives in New Hampshire, and on this...

Nov 29, 2021

“If I can make someone else get comfortable and they can get the help they need, that seems like mission accomplished to me.”

Grayson Murphy just may be the most versatile professional runner in the country right now. This year alone, Grayson has taken home wins on the trails, the track, and the roads. She...

Nov 24, 2021

"There was never a low point for me. Is that weird?!"

Two weeks before this year's New York City Marathon, Elyse Kopecky was on the Ali on the Run Show with best friend Shalane Flanagan, talking all about their NYC Marathon plans and dreams, and about the release of their third cookbook, Rise & Run. Now, Elyse is...

Nov 23, 2021

"I just loved what I saw. I felt seen. I felt heard. There were so many people that looked like me, or they had similar journeys. They were in a transitional point in their lives, and fitness was part of that. So I just kept coming back."

This week on the Everyday Runner series, meet Adalgisa (best known as "Lisa")...

Nov 19, 2021

"This was something I would never pass up. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to document these moments."

Cortney White has a unique lens on the running world — literally. Cortney is a professional photographer who just spent the past two months on the road with Shalane Flanagan, documenting every step of her